Managing Change

Mergers, reorganizations, new software platforms, new processes, new products…Most corporate changes are rooted in business needs—but the people who are being “changed” are far from that discussion and are likely to resist.

In fact, most corporate transformational efforts fail because of issues having to do with people. At the same time, added stress impedes performance.

We use proven processes to mitigate this resistance and stress, including identifying stakeholders, their concerns and needs; then creating communication, training, coaching and roll-out strategies to bring people on board.

We’ve been trained in and have used major change methodologies such as LaMarsh and Kotter. We’ve developed our own tweaks incorporating our experience in neuroscience research, communications and theater.

And we facilitate “large scale” efforts that involve all stakeholders working together in the same room at the same time for rapid change with built-in buy-in that sticks.

•  Mergers and Acquisitions
•  Culture Change
•  Process Change
•  Market Changes
•  IT Changes
•  Reorganizations
•  Centralization and De-Centralization

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change overview process

 Elements of Change Management Strategy

change wheel

Ongoing Change Effort Workstreams