Team and Individual Coaching


Our coaching is grounded in growing research in neuroscience that offers new insight into how people can utilize more of their capacity to be productive and effective.  We help people and teams discover the insights they need to move forward and the structures to reach their goals.

Team Coaching

Effective, high performance teams have a few things in common: alignment around a vision or goal; a high degree of business literacy about the task at hand; advanced self-knowledge among team members; awareness and utilization of personality, style and cultural differences; and extraordinary interpersonal awareness and skills.

Here are some specific benefits from working with a team coach:             brain tech text

  • Your team gains the ability to see previously invisible patterns of interaction and communication that may be holding them back, patterns they can build on to become stronger
  • Your team becomes aware of unconscious “triggers” that may lead in unintended directions
  • Through assessments and discussion, team members dive deeper into themselves in terms of styles, preferences, learning and values. When this knowledge is shared with the team, they can work better together–and the knowledge is invaluable in customer situations as well.
  • Your team develops a safe, regular space and time away from day to day issues to focus on larger and long term topics
  • Your team consciously creates or builds on a common language and a shared set of practices that make day-to-day work go faster and more efficiently
  • Your team members have the opportunity as individuals and then as a team to develop deep-felt alignment around common goals
  • Your team learns new models, techniques and tools that you can use for long term strategic planning as well as monitoring everyday focus and processes. Many of these are invaluable in day to day work with clients, particularly sales situations, as well.
  • Your team learns to appreciate what it does well, and how insights from that capability can be applied in other situations
  • Your team can have or build on a forum and a format to share best practices and insights gained from each other
  • Your team benefits from knowledge we’ve gathered and techniques we’ve found to be effective:
    • For example, we utilize a framework called Polarity Thinking to help your team know when to make hard, either-or decisions, and when and how to leverage situations to get “the best of both”.
    •  We also incorporate wisdom from today’s neuroscience research.  We are learning, for example, that it is very easy for people to put each other into a “threat response” that dampens people’s ability to think, innovate and act.  We use a variety of easily taught techniques so that your team can minimize this effect to work and communicate more effectively.

We work with teams as facilitators, coaches, teachers and co-learners.

We have helped create teams where the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts!

Executive and Personal Coaching

Our first task is helping you clarify what you want.  Then, we build on your strengths in a deliberate yet individual approach.  You’ll learn to work with your brain and nervous system to become more effective and realize your goals.  We help you discover long standing habit patterns that may get in your way.  We use questioning techniques to help you discover and replace your limiting beliefs. We use assessment tools to give you insight into your leadership and personality styles, as well as how people perceive you.  We teach you strategies and models to expand your choices and range of behaviors.

We help you develop a plan, carry it out, and incorporate feedback along the way.  And—while there is always value in a continued relationship—we teach you insights and tools to coach yourself.

Here’s What You Can Learn

  • Discover simple language patterns that change the way people relate to you.
  • Learn a way to be resourceful whenever you need–or want–to be.
  • Discover the beliefs that hold you back.
  • Learn to expand your perspective to discover new choices.
  • Discover the world as others see it.
  • Learn and practice decision-making strategies.
  • Discover how to nurture and use more parts of your brain.
  • Learn to build better relationships with your supervisors, co-workers and reports.
  • Replace what you’re doing that isn’t working with strategies that work.
  • We become your partner in the coaching process whether engaged directly by you or through your company. We help you become more effective yourself AND, in turn, become a better coach of those you supervise.


Myers-Briggs •HBDI • DiSC • 360° Feedback • Meta-Programs • Strengths • Polarity Assessment