In a fast paced, rapidly changing business climate, communications are at the heart of everything.

That means traditional corporate communications ranging from the corporate intranet, to video, speeches, newsletters and social media.

It also means interpersonal communications—the conversations that make a difference between leaders and their reports, and managers and employees.

Our background includes corporate communications, interpersonal communication coaching, and facilitation of large and small groups.

Corporate Communications:

Strategy:  We plan and execute internal communications strategies for situations ranging from change management to mergers, engagement, business literacy, downsizing and ethics.  We begin with a communications audit and analysis of stakeholders, then work to craft appropriate messages and feedback mechanisms for everyone involved.

Execution: On large projects, we combine the work of writers, artists and production teams to create  media and meetings that frame and clarify complex issues and motivate people to perform.

On smaller projects, Neesa Sweet is an award winning writer and producer who creates scripts, speeches, white papers, position papers, articles and talking points to help you reach your goals.

Interpersonal Communications:

On the interpersonal communications side, we have a deep understanding of the language patterns that foster personal effectiveness, relationships, loyalty, performance and engagement and are able to coach and train individuals and groups.

We bring people together in facilitated events and meetings that foster conversations leading to innovation and solutions.

•  Strategic communication plans
•  Communications audit
•  Internal branding
•  Writing and execution
•  Video and audio production
•  Social media
•  Focus groups
•  Large scale change events
•  Surveys
•  Business literacy programs
•  Graphic maps
•  Interpersonal communications training and coaching
•  Internal marketing and public relations