Facilitation and Strategic Planning

A facilitator should not have a stake in the outcome of a session other than to make sure that events flow smoothly and that people are heard.

A really good facilitator is able to frame issues, sequence discussion, summarize and test what he or she is hearing, and offer both alternatives and thinking tools. That’s what we do!

We facilitate strategy sessions with executives ranging from a couple of hours to several day retreats. We’ve worked on issues ranging from vision, mission and long term strategy, to sales and marketing, yearly goal setting, reorganizations and mergers and operations.

We make sure you leave with an overall strategy, a plan to carry it out, and next steps and responsibilities.

We also facilitate large, whole system change events where all stakeholders are in a room at the same time, working in small tables so everyone is heard, then using sophisticated processes to make decisions and gain buy-in from both the people in the room and executives at its center. We believe this is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to change culture, develop new processes and build connections between people.

•  Strategic planning sessions
•  Leadership meetings
•  Team sessions
•  Retreats
•  Interactive breakout sessions
•  Large Scale Change