Learning & Development

Learning and development, in the business world, is ultimately about performance.

Individuals need knowledge, they need to know how to apply it, they need practice, and they need to know how to deal with any factors that get in the way of doing their job. In creating training programs, we recognize participants as adult learners who have a role in making their own learning successful.

We use adult learning methods and key discoveries from neuroscience and linguistics to maximize learning and the ability to put it to work. We pay attention to learning styles, psychological types, motivational structures and pacing. We design the learning that best serves the business need..

Our assessment is rooted in real world performance, as well as qualification milestones needed for particular situations. And we help create reinforcing structures for continuous improvement.

Depending on the desired outcomes, training may incorporate role plays, modeling, information sessions, presentations, support materials, use of media such as video, computer sessions and other means. Since people retain more when their emotions are charged, entertainment and fun are integral to our programs.

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