Managers are responsible for getting work done and for creating an environment in which people can work effectively.

In today’s climate, they are also called on to advocate change. Frequently, managers find themselves in the middle: They need to champion executive decisions at the same time they support their people in the face of change. All while meeting rising expectations and doing more with less. It’s an endless merry-go-round.

We work with managers as individuals, in groups and with their teams. We train them on how to motivate their teams, become a coach for their people, handle change and stress, manage performance, and figure out how to do more with less.

We also help them realize where and how they are perceived as leaders and the affect they can have on change and other initiatives.

We work in tandem with your organization’s existing 360o and performance management systems and we advise you on creating new systems.

Management Training Programs:

•  Business Literacy (customized for organization)
•  Facilitating Effective Teams
•  Talking Effectively (productive language patterns)
•  Creating Supportive Environment
•  Managing as Coach
•  Managing with the Brain in Mind
•  Uncovering Hidden Meanings
•  Managing Diversity (including styles and generations)