Narrative and Storytelling

People, from the time they are infants, think in stories and symbols.   Our brains store information in narrative and images and make connections and memories through emotions.  Words and logic come later and are less direct.

In business, stories convey the values of an organization as well as the shared history of its people.

When you get to the heart of your story you can utilize its power–whether to influence your people, your customers, your vendors or your community; or to pass on “collective wisdom” to people new to your  company.

We ask key questions to uncover things to be proud of, extraordinary visions, hidden archetypes in your culture and how people work together to make things happen.   We search deep for the “time that we…” experiences that let people put themselves in each other’s shoes.  We turn what we discover into videos, visuals, social media and repeatable themes and we invite you to workshops “around the campfire” that help you learn to tell your stories yourselves.