Here’s what we DON’T believe in: A cookie-cutter system of once-a-year appraisals based on generic competencies that become bureaucratic nightmares for raters and a quake-in-your-boots experience for employees.

What we DO believe is that a comprehensive, year-round system can be a valuable tool for employee development, goal setting, and relationship-building between managers and the people who report to them.

We use performance management tools to build competency on two levels—the individual and the organization.

On the individual level, we help you introduce performance management as a year round coaching tool. Working with your existing automated system or other tools, we help you determine competency rating scales and 360 instruments.

As part of this process, we use modeling techniques, interviews and questions, to help you determine how your top performers do what they do, so that more of your people can become top performers.

On the organization level, we work with you to determine what cultural competencies the organization needs to develop–for example, innovation, flexibility, fiscal discipline or speed. We facilitate sessions with top executive teams to build agreement and assure alignment with overall strategy. Then we determine how these factors can be included in individual appraisals.

More importantly, we work with you to develop a coaching culture, in which managers use the system throughout the year to collect behavioral examples of “coachable moments” and instances of progress towards team and individual goals.

Finally, we work with you to roll out the overall system including setting objectives, facilitated meetings, training, and tracking. We can also work with you to integrate performance systems with leadership development and supply.