Strategy Check-in: 10 Questions to Keep Your Business on Track

Question 1:  Are we all moving in the same direction?

  • Are we aligned around a clear and urgent purpose?
  • Do our values, culture, customer promise and employee actions reinforce each other or work against each other?

Question 2:  Is our outlook strategic?

  • Are we utilizing strategic planning to keep our eye on the future?
  • Are change initiatives systemic, are they coordinated with each other and do they have a clear business purpose?

Question 3:  Do we have some problems that just won’t go away?
Learn alternatives to “solving” unsolvable problems:

  • Determine if it’s a “problem” to solve or a “polarity” to manage?
  • Discover and build on what you do well.
  • Uncover systemic elements that work for and against you.

Question 4:  Does everyone know what it takes to succeed here?

  • Are job descriptions and expectations clear?
  • Have we defined the right competencies to support our purpose?
  • Do people know and live the company values?
  • Do we act with integrity?

Question 5:  Are we keeping the people we need and helping them grow?

  • Do we know what our top people want from their jobs?
  • Are we growing our leaders of tomorrow?
  • Are we giving future leaders the experiences they’ll need?
  • Are retention strategies in place?
  • Are we paying attention to succession planning?

Question 6:  Are we measuring the things that make a difference?

  • Are we using the metrics that make sense for our business?
  • Are we using metrics that measure the past—or point us towards the future?

Question 7:  Do we know where we stand at any given point in time?

  • Do we measure with regularity?
  • Do employees know where the company is and where we need to be?
  • Do individuals know where they stand?

Question 8:  Does everyone have the information they need?

  • Are we telling our stories?
  • Are the communication pathways in the company clear?
  • Does information flow up as well as down?
  • Do people know how the company makes money–and how they can make a difference?
  • Do we have the right training?
  • Are we using internal, external, social and other media appropriately and effectively?

Question 9:  Are we responsive to our market and conditions?

  • Are we able to cope with change?
  • Are we using our “front line” employees as “watchers”?

Question 10:  Are we taking full advantage of multiple viewpoints, learning styles and cultural backgrounds?

  • Do we know the business case for diversity?
  • Do we maximize the advantages of a diverse workforce?
  • Does everyone feel welcome?
  • Do we understand and utilize differences in personality and learning styles?

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